Immersive animation masterclass

I have been an artist in Residence at SRISHTI INSTITUTE OF ART, DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY participant have been inspired by “Cities of Ladies”, interviewed people near them and create an animated documentary for VR and the Social Media, whilst developing their own voice and ideology to explore how the recent event affected them and their families. They created three Vr experiences in less than a week. They were mentored by me, in collaboration with Bhavana Vipparthi.

The VR Experience can be explored either on a laptop using the control harrow or the mouse to look around the space; on a phone on the YouTube app to play with the 360 space with an tablet or a phone; or as VR experience wearing a simple VR headset for a mobile phone.

“The maddening Joy of being Alone” 
By: Srishti Ramakrishnan, Yuvraj Pal Singh Gulati, Shubham Valse
Synopsis: Born out of an inquiry into one’s own sense of self, thoughts and happiness, the film explores the idea of self-isolation in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Digital Shift” 
By: Harsh Singh, Nipun Prasannan, Trupti Phatak, Tvishaa Shah and Vivienne Valladares
Synopsis: ‘Digital Shift’ is a short, 360 VR animated film in response to the film ‘City of Ladies’ by Kim Noce. The film explores the virtual transit that the entire world collectively experienced, as a circumstance of the pandemic.

“Stages of Grief” 
By Riya KIrane, Arzoo Walia, Ann Lucy Abraham, Manav Wadhawan
Synopsis: ‘Stages of Grief’ is a short animation that expresses the stages in a personal and unique way. A strong topic that each and every single human being on this planet experiences once in their life and the impact it creates, especially during this pandemic.

Kim Noce’s Cities of Ladies is a poetic, animated documentary, is inspired by the life and writing of Christine de Pizan, who survived her father and husband in the 15th Century Black Death epidemic, becoming the first woman in Europe to support herself through her writing.

The film follows the structure of Christine’s The Book of the City of Ladies, drawing on interviews with people from different social strata, culture and life journeys expressing their view for a new world today. Through the participatory elements Kim hopes to create a collective voice of a snippet of today wishes for humanity.

The project branches out in a series of participatory projects around the world, where in response to “Cities of Ladies” participants from all background and social strata create their own 360 VR Experience with simpler mediums.

The project is supported by the Arts Council England and Animate Projects Arts, in association with QUAD Derby and Phoenix, Leicester. More info can be found here:

About Kim Noce