Miniature portraits

Join us for the exhibition and screening of “Miniature Portraits: Bangalore-Bengaluru” a collection of short animated documentaries looking at the current cultural, sociopolitical and psychological mindset of Bangalore through the portrayal of personal narrative. The films screened at Rajajanigar Metro Station on 21/22 December 2019 11am-7pm, as part of Srishti Live 2019 and Art in Transit showcasing across multiple venues Dec 19-22

“Bangalore has grown so much over the years. It is known as the silicon-valley of India, and it is expanding every minute. In the past people used miniature portraits as micro images which were kept as a remembrance for a loved one. A portrait is a depiction of things not only the way they are but the way they look to the maker. Our films are a portrait of our experiences and curiosities. The artists each worked on a quirk of Bangalore that stuck with them.

One one side we looked at the concept of communication shows up heavily in sign boards where so much information is lost in translation. Language plays a big role in the shaping of a city, Bangalore has been in conflict over language for a long time, and it has become more than just communication. On another side we explored as people traverse through the ever-changing city while traveling through time, no one commuter is the same at the end of his/her journey as they were at the start of it. Then we dwelled into how the changing food-scape of Bangalore acts like a mirror for the growing population and diversity of the city. And at last as we look around at the metropolitan city, bookshops around and inside the corners and ends of streets are wavering to obscurity. They remain only through nostalgia and fading memories, withstanding all kinds of cultural trends and modern businesses.
Using animated documentaries as our medium we have explored multiple facets of Bangalore that continue to affect us as migrants and as locals.”

Under the guidance of Kim Noce and Shradha Jain, the artists interviewed the locals capturing the continuously changing nature of the city whilst animating the intrinsic materials of the landscape through stop motion, cut out, pixilation and draw animation. Street food, old books, commuters bags, and signage come to life to map and playfully narrate the continuous evolution of Bangalore/Bengaluru.


We look forward to see you!

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A series of short animated documentaries looking at the current cultural, sociopolitical and psychological mindset of Bangalore through the portrayal of personal narrative; animating the intrinsic materials of the of the landscape through stop motion and pixilation. During the interim Kim Noce will work with the students to create a series of Documentary Animations capturing the intangible through the physicality of raw materials in the landscape. Lecture and practical workshops will introduce animation documentary history and current trends and introduction to the poetic animation (stop motion and pixilation) conveying narrative through metaphor, abstraction, movement and raw materials, blurring the boundary of the “screen”: art installation, animation, and cinema. Rigorous inputs will be expected to work on sound recording for animation documentary, animating raw materials, the choreography of emotional movement, editing for animation documentary, scheduling and planning. In groups animators, will record a 10/45 sec interviews with for a series “Miniature Portrait” to be animated using material on location. Finally, Installation and presentation of work on situs. The project will involve regular travels to the centre of the city. 

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