Barbican – Frame Film Festival

Framed Film Festival 2016: Create your own GIF


19 – 20 November 2016
Cinema 2 & 3 Foyers

Quirky Pictures been busy at the Barbican running a GIF weekend workshop. have a look at a sample below  and at the Tumblr site for November 2016

Create your an animated portrait or self-portrait to share with your friends, family and colleagues on social media as an animated GIF. Professional animators and workshop leaders Quirky Pictures will be on hand to help you create a beautiful moving portrait. Whether you just want to be yourself or surprise your friends, an animated portrait is a wonderful fun way of capturing yourself.

Open to all ages, the workshop can be run as a “drop in session” or adapted to suit the needs of your event. In turn the animated portraits will be saved as a GIF and available for participants to share and save on social media through phones, tablets and such devices. The portraits can also be tagged or uploaded to a twitter feed, facebook feed and tumblr.

The GIF is not new – the format was invented by Compuserve way back in 1987 – but it’s hard to imagine the modern Web without it. As an ever-changing online format for micro-animations, GIF culture is continuing to gain recognition as a micro art form. The combination of speed, innovation and easiness is key to its popularity. From Tumblr to Buzzfeed, these little playful moving pictures are everywhere, perfect if you want to illustrate a point, tell a story, or simply make perfect animated portrait or selfie.

Animated GIFs will be exported throughout the workshop on tumblr & twitter site.


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Still Photoin the slide show by Camilla Greenwell

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