The Big Draw in Watford!

As part of the Big Events calendar, Watford celebrated the National event the Big Draw! Commemorating the work of Watford born animator Joy Batchelor, the talented artist behind the animated classic Animal Farm. The participants delved into the world of drawing lino printing, with Culture Cart, stop motion animation with Quirky Pictures, flipbooks with Roger Kattenhorn and not to mention an array of harvest stalls, I-Spy animals, drawing exchange and chalk paving drawing!

For the event Quirky Pictures led two animation workshops:
Nana’s Farm, a traditional 2D drawing animation workshop

And Funky Animals a pixilation dance animation workshop

Drop in Session Workshop:
Workshop leader Kim Noce & Shaun Clark
Workshop Assistant Lucy Lee
Assistant Alexandra Balan

The Big Draw: Celebrating Watford’s Animal Farm
Saturday 4 October 11am – 4pm
The Parade, Watford Town Centre
In association with Watford Museum, Watford Palace Theatre and the Campaign for Drawing
Art material provided by Faber-Castell

The Big Draw is themed around Watford’s link to the film version of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. The animated film classic was written, directed and produced by Watford-born animator Joy Batchelor.

Joy, who also trained in the Borough, formed Halas and Batchelor with her husband John Halas. It became one of the UK’s largest and most influential producers of animated films; pioneering new styles and techniques from paper cut-out figures through to computer animation. This year marks the centenary of Joy’s birth.

Says Elected Mayor Dorothy Thornhill: “I am immensely proud of Watford’s connection to Joy Batchelor; her work was hugely influential and leaves a tremendous legacy.The Big Draw is a wonderful tribute to her talent, providing a great opportunity for everybody to gain an insight into various drawing and animation techniques. ”

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