Light Animation at Hemel Hempstead Old Town Hall 29-31 October

Children aged 11 to 14 wont want to miss out on Quirky Pictures amazing Light Animation Workshop. Participants will come and draw with light in the air to create a short animated light film. You will learn about storyboarding, light animation technique, sound recording for short film, and more in this fantastic three day workshop.
Monday 6th August to Wednesday 8th August, 10am – 3pm. Aimed at youngsters 11 to 14 years.

Cost for all three days: £30 four all three days. Booking early is recommended.

Places are limited so book online through The Old Town Hall What’s On pages now or call 01442 228091

Monday…Session One: Introduction to animation
We begin with a screening of a series of professional light animated films and commercials. Then, participants are introduced to the light animation technique in a short exercise.Session Two: Bespoke Stories
We will be adapting a short story and storyboarding the animation.Tuesday…Session One: Light Animation
As a group we will create the animation for the short story.Session Two: Light Animation
This session is the continuation of the light animation.Wednesday…

Session One: Sound
We will be group sound recording for the film, and recording sound effects and voices.

Session Two: Edit
We will be producing credits, Editing the animation with sound and the screening of the finished Light animation film.

Participant Information
Please attend in dark coloured clothing.

The Old Town Hall

High Street, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP1 3AE
Phone:  01442 228091

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