Y.Art (Young Art) in Broxbourne

Quirky Pictures led a workshop with Broxbourne Council and Y.Art during the month of August

Thanks to everyone that attended & created fantastic animations!

Y.ART Shop, Waltham Cross Town Centre 57-58 Bartholomew Court, Waltham Cross Town Centre

Try becoming an entrepreneur with Y.ART and culture, make a gallery, raise funding, create or choose art for the Y.ART gallery, negotiate for workshops in drawing, painting, sculpture, glass painting, papier- mâché, printmaking, needle felting, model making, fashion design, etching, film making, animation, character development, mask making, puppet making and writing. See how you can influence the space.
For further information about the Y.ART project, please contact the council’s Arts Development Officer on 01992 785555 extension 5908

Tuesdays from 10am – 4pm
(from 26 July to 30 August inclusives)


Y.ART is an art and cultural project for young people age 14 – 19. The scheme is promoted by the Borough of Broxbourne in conjunction with NACRO and encourages young people to create or choose art by local artists to be displayed in empty shop windows.

There is currently a display at 57 – 58 High Street, Waltham Cross.

There are various themes  and we are happy to consider any artwork ideas.

Those interesting in taking part in the project should email y.art@broxbourne.gov.uk clearly stating ‘11 to 19’ in the subject bar.

(Please state projects that interest you.
Artwork may be advertised for sale and there is no fee or commission if a sale is made, however, the artist may be asked to donate 25 per cent of the sale to local young peoples cancer charity ‘TeensUnite’.

Quirky Picture
Tuesdays Workshop

Want to know more about our workshops, visit us at:

Location: Y.ART Shop, Waltham Cross
Town Centre 57-58
Bartholomew Court,
Waltham Cross Town Centre

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