How to… make a stylized plasticine puppet

Quirky Pictures created for Great Missenden CofE Combined School  two quick short introductory animations: How to make a puppet and hot to make a small house for a set. We thought it would be nice to share it.

How to create a puppet and basic animation steps for children

How to create a small set for animation or an installation (a house)

This animation were create using a simple digital still camera and Quicktime Pro to put all the picture together

A quick introduction to animation, Software and Equipment that suit all the budget from £ 5.00 is just below. Depending on your computer and your budget you can mix and match software and equipment…

Tool Kit for Home Made Animations

…make sure to double check  that everything is compatible with your existing softwares, computer etc.

And an amazing book for beginners animators is The Klutz Book of Animation (you can find it in Amazon too and some shops around town)…

ISBN 978-1-59174-733-8

About Quirky Pictures

Award winning professional animators teaching animation workshops in and around London, England