“A Bug’s Life” Trailers

Quirky Pictures led workshops with Chessbrook Education Support Centre on the 16 and 23 November.  The students a Chessbrook Education Support Centre recreate these wonderful trailers made for the movie ” A bug’s Life”.

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This was a four hour workshop at Chessbrook Education Support Centre with support from Watford Borough Council aimed at 12-15 years old

Teachers Georgy Pantelli and Geoff Shaw
Arts Development OfficerSophie Ronson
Workshop Leaders Kim Noce and Shaun Clark
Many Thanks to all the staff atChessbrook Education Support Centre

CHESSBROOK EDUCATION SUPPORT CENTRE http://www.chessbrook.herts.sch.uk/

WATFORD COUNCIL/WATFORD MUSEUM http://www.watfordmuseum.org.uk

WORLD ARTS PLATFORM http://www.worldartsplatform.org.uk/

Chessbrook Education Support Centre is a wonderfully dynamic and inspirational organisation which has a reputation for being firm but fair with students who previously have not been able to cope in a mainstream setting. Staff who work at Chessbrook have many years experience in managing and encouraging students to believe in themselves and their future.
World Arts Platform is developing an ongoing literature/creative writing project which will enable writers from the various multi-cultural backgrounds across Hertfordshire to access publishing opportunities and the possibility of working across languages.

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