Advanced Flash Animation for Islington Summer University London – Music Videos

Quirky Pictures led a workshop for Film and Video Workshop.  These  9 short flash music videos were made over a  period of four days during Summer Break. Ours student  created  a short music track in garage band, a narrative  or a concept for their music video  and  then animated to the sound using Adobe Flash CS3.  To watch the animation click on the movies or find them here

View Stills pictures here

Four days workshop funded by Islington Council and Summer university London in collaboration with The Film and Video Workshop Animation Workshop made by 10-16 years old.

Thanks to the Summer University of London 9 pupils aged 10 – 16 years took part in a four day animation workshop. Working with two professional animators, the children created  a series of playful music videos. They spent the days planning, storyboarding, creating a soundtrack  and they learnt how  to use Adobe Flash  to create their drawn animation  Using Flash the student learnt the basic technique of drawn  animation, symbols, tweening and morphing.

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