Tate Movie Project in Gloucester Primary School

A member of Quirky Picture was  co-facilitating a workshop on the Tate Movie Truck for Gloucester Primary School on the 22/23 July 2010. We created amazing drawing, wrote stories and recorded sound for  heroes, monsters,  secret beloved objects, portraits and many more!! You can view all the drawing on the gallery at http://www.tatemovie.co.uk/gallery

Tate Movie Project

Gloucester Primary School

Tate Movie project will be the first of its kind– an animated film made by and for children across the UK. The project is led by Tate in collaboration with Aardman, the animation company behind Wallace and Gromit. Children aged 5-11 are invited to create every aspect of the film, from the hand-drawn characters and plot twists, down to costumes and comic sound effects.


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