Tate Movie Project

A member of Quirky Pictures is partecipating in a wonderful production ” The Tate Movie Project” , travelling on The Tate Movie Project truck on a national three month tour of production workshops.  The truck will travel to 55 locations across the UK.  It will visit primary schools, family events and festivals and will tour to every region of the UK ( see if it comes your way here)

Tate Movie Project Logo

Its a big…. BIG…. BIG  PROJECT… but in a snippet I can tell you that Tate, Aardman Animations, Fallon, and the BBC have all joined forces on a new film project that they hope will involve the participation of one million UK school kids… and The aim of the Tate Movie Project is to create a 20-minute film, which is made up entirely of contributions from children, from the initial storyline ideas, to the characters featured, to the soundtrack.

Tate movie Project Website

If you want to know more you can read the press release or even better … why dont you go  directly at Tate Movie Project and upload your fantastic drawing… it is open for every child in the whole world… anyone can send the a drawing a sound, an idea, a script… well everyone apart the adults!!!

Blue Peter in front of the Truck

Dont forget yoiu can also see information about the tate movie project with Blue Peter

Ps. there are Learnin Resources too… a Kid Pack and a Teachers Pack

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