Quirky Pictures  and Hutch Demouilpied led a workshops for  Creative Partnership at the Priory Primary School in Burnham. The stop motion film  was made over a  period of six days in March 2010 by three classes in Year 3. Ours young and enthusiast animators  become writers, illustrators, animators, actors, sound designer editors and composer. In teams, like a real production company , they created the film “Mother Holle”.

Hutch Demouilpied, a composer, musician and songwriter, worked with the student to teach them how to compose and understand music for film

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Background for Mother Holle

Mother Holle, Clara and the Dog

The speaking Bread

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Year 3 Teachers
Amy Collier
Carla Derie
Caroline Self

Margaret Craven
Caroline Self

Creative Agent
Louise Keyworth

Six days workshop at Priory Primary School in collaboration with Creative Partnership

Animation Workshop made by Year 3 student

Priory School is a National School of Creativity where the children really do come first and EXCELLENCE and ENJOYMENT are a reality. Priori school mission statement is to enable children to become innovative and creative learners who achieve the highest possible academic, artistic and technical standards throughout all areas of the curriculum

Creative Junction aims to be a point at which ideas come together, explosions occur and new turns are taken. We build partnerships with and for young people, to develop creativity and to connect powerful, innovative learning across sectors. We are a community interest company working in the South East, using the knowledge and expertise gained from delivering Creative Partnerships since 2002, and building on the solid foundations of many years’ leadership experience in education and creative practice.

Creative Partnerships is the Government’s flagship creative learning programme, designed to develop the skills of young people across England, raising their aspirations and achievements, and opening up more opportunities for their futures. This world-leading programme is transforming teaching and learning across the curriculum.’

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