Christmas e-Cards for Southwark Gifted and Talented at the Southwark City Learning Centre – Flash Animation Workshop

Quirky Pictures led another workshop at the Southwark City Learning Centre were a group odf student created a collection of of short Christmas E-Card with Adobe Flash CS3 

As part of Southwark’s Gifted and Talented complimentary studies program 20 pupils aged 11 – 12 years from fifteen different schools took part in a one day Animation/ITC workshop at Southwark City Learning Centre.
Working with two professional animators, Kim Noce and Shaun Clark, the children animated a Christmas E-card learning the basic Adobe Flash. They spent the day first learning the basic of the programm and then animating thier own small E-card. They will be able to send each card individually to their parents and family through email. 

Merry Xmas E-card Still

Season Greetings


Still Image from the Xmas E- Card



 Watch the entire animation in full quality  

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We would like to thank Southwark Gifted and Talented for funding the workshop and Southwark City Learning Centre for their support. 

One day workshop at Southwark City Learning Centre funded by Southwark Gifted and Talented in collaboration 

Adobe Flash & Animation Workshop made by 11-12 years old 

1 days workshop 

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Location Southwark City Learning Centre
Funding Southwark Gifted and Talented

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