The Cursed Brothers for Southwark Gifted and Talented at the Southwark City Learning Centre Animation Workshop

Five days workshop at Southwark City Learning Centre funded by Southwark Gifted and Talented in collaboration with The Film and Video Workshop Animation Workshop made by 11-12 years old

Quirky Pictures led a workshops for Southwark Gifted and Talented at Southwark City Learning Centre. The stop motion film  was made over a  period of five days in July. Ours young and enthusiast animators  adapted a fairy tale  by the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale and then created and animated puppets made of  foam and plasticine .

Location Southwark City Learning Centre
Funding Southwark Gifted and Talented

Making 3D Model Animation Style Films @ Southwark City Learning Centre
As part of Southwark’s Gifted and Talented complimentary studies program 20 pupils aged 11 – 12 years from fifteen different schools took part in a one week animation summer school at Southwark City Learning Centre.
Working with two professional animators, Kim Noce and Shaun Clark, the children reworked and modernised a traditional fairy tale into a stunning animation film. They spent the week planning, storyboarding, constructing backgrounds or ‘sets’, models and props and animating their creations using stop motion animation techniques. Finally, they worked on the narration and voice over to produce this fantastic film.
We would like to thank Kim and Shaun for all their hard work and inspiring the children, Southwark Gifted and Talented for funding the summer school and Southwark City Learning Centre for their support.

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